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ICOM IC-7000

  • ICOM IC-718 HF/VHF/UHF All Mode Transceiver
  • 35 W Output Power on 430/440 MHz; 100 W on HF/50 MHz; 50 W on 144 MHz
  • ICOM's original DDS (Direct Digital Synthesizer) Circuit:
  • improves the C/N Ratio, providing a clear, clean transmit signal in all bands
  • Please call us at:
  • (212) 420-0500
  • for pricing and availability

One Year Warranty

ICOM IC-7000 Features

  • IF DSP - Digital IF Filter, Manual Notch Filter, Digital Twin PBT
  • Built-in Adjustable Digital IF Filters: SSB, CW, RTTY, AM, FM, WFM
  • High Stability Crystal Unit
  • 2.5" Color TFT Display, 3 background colors, 2 font styles
  • Multi Function Meter and SWR Graphic Display
  • User-Friendly Key Allocation, 8 Direct Access Buttons for most used radio functions such as NB, NR, MNF, and ANF
  • Digital Voice Recorder (DVR): record callsign, CQ, or other info in 4 transmit playback memories with alphanumeric labels
  • Built-in RTTY Demodulator
  • Supplied Remote Control Microphone, 10-keypad for quick channel selection, programmable buttons

ICOM IC-7000 Supplied Accessories

  • HM-151 - Remote Control Microphone
  • Microphone Hanger, DC Power Cable, Spare Fuses, Electronic Keyer Plug, and RTTY Key Plug

ICOM IC-7000 Optional Accessories

Antenna Options

  • AH-4 - HF+50 MHz Automatic Antenna Tuner - covers 3.5-54 MHz with a 7m (23ft) or longer wire antenna
  • AH-2B - Antenna Element - for mobile operation with AH-4, all bands between 7-54 MHz can be matched
  • AT-180 - HF+50 MHz Automatic Antenna Tuner

Microphone and Speaker Options

  • HM-151 - Remote Control Microphone
  • SM-20 - High Quality Desktop Microhpone - includes UP/DOWN switches and low cut function
  • SP-10 - External Speaker

Separation Options

  • MB-62 - Mobile Mounting Bracket - mount the IC-7000 main unit or the AT-180 Automatic Antenna Tuner
  • MB-105 - Mobile Mounting Bracket - for mounting the detached front panel
  • MB-65 - Mounting Base - mount the detached front panel in a vehicle (MB-105 is required)
  • OPC-1443 - 3.5m (11ft) Separation Cable
  • OPC-1444 - 5m (16ft) Separation Cable

Miscellaneous Accessories

  • IC-PW1 - HF+50 MHz 1kW, HF Linear Amplifier (optional OPC-599 13-pin cable adapter required)
  • CT-17 - CI-V Level Converter, for remote transceiver control using a PC with an RS-232C connector
  • OPC-589 - 8-pin to Modular Microphone Adapter Cable
  • OPC-598 - ACC 13-pin 7m (23ft) Extension Cable for AT-180
  • OPC-599 - 7-pin + 8-pin to 13-pin Cable Adapter
  • OPC-742 - 13-pin Connector for AT-180 to 2m Adapter
  • MB-106 - Carrying Handle


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