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ICOM IC-7200

  • ICOM IC-7200 HF/50 MHz Transceiver
  • "Simple and Tough with IF DSP"
  • Latest IF DSP Technology is employed in the IC-7200; while being an entry class receiver,
  • it's advanced digital features are comparable to higher class transceivers
  • Please call us at:
  • (212) 420-0500
  • for pricing and availability

One Year Warranty

ICOM IC-7200 Features

  • Built-in Adjustable Digital IF Filter: SSB, CW, RTTY, AM
  • Digital Twin PBT - Twin Passband Tuning
  • Digital Noise Reduction, Digital Noise Blanker
  • Manual Notch Filter, delivers more than 70dB of attenuation
  • High Stability Transmitter - DDS (Direct Digital Synthesizer) creates a clear, clean transmit signal and improves C/N ratio
  • USB port for PC Control - control the transceiver using the CI-V data format
  • RF Speech Compressor - digital RF compressor increases average talk power in SSB mode
  • CW Mode Operation - full break-in, selectable CW carrier point (USB or LSB) and adjustable CW pitch

ICOM IC-7200 Supplied Accessories

  • HM-36 - Hand Microphone
  • DC Power Cable, and Spare Fuses

ICOM IC-7200 Optional Accessories

Antenna Options

  • AH-4 - HF+50 MHz Automatic Antenna Tuner - covers 3.5-54 MHz with a 7m (23ft) or longer wire antenna
  • AH-2B - Antenna Element - for mobile operation with AH-4, all bands between 7-54 MHz can be matched
  • AH-710 - Folded Dipole Antenna - covers from 1.9 to 30 MHz, has a PL-259 connector
  • AT-180 - HF+50 MHz Automatic Antenna Tuner

Microphone and Speaker Options

  • HM-36 - Hand Microphone
  • SM-20 - High Quality Desktop Microhpone - includes UP/DOWN switches and low cut function
  • SP-10 - Compact Size External Speaker
  • SP-21 - External Speaker
  • SP-20 - External Speaker with 4 audio filters, headphone jack; can connect to 2 transceivers

Miscellaneous Accessories

  • IC-PW1 - HF+50 MHz 1kW, HF Linear Amplifier (optional OPC-599 13-pin cable adapter required)
  • CT-17 - CI-V Level Converter, for remote transceiver control using a PC with an RS-232C connector
  • OPC-599 - 7-pin + 8-pin to 13-pin Cable Adapter
  • PS-300 - General Purpose Power Supply
  • MB-116 - Handles - protect buttons and knobs on the front panel when moving the radio
  • MB-117 - Carrying Handle
  • MB-118 - Mobile Mounting Bracket, for mounting the radio in a vehicle


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