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  • ICOM IC-V8000 144 MHz Transceiver
  • 75 Watts of Power For Your Ultimate 2m Mobile Experience
  • Dynamic Memory Scan (DMS), 200 Alphanumeric Memory Channels
  • Die-Cast Aluminum Chassis
  • Please call us at:
  • (212) 420-0500
  • for pricing and availability

One Year Warranty

ICOM IC-V8000 Features

  • Selectable Squelch Delay
  • 6 Character Alphanumeric Display
  • CTCSS and DTCS Operation Standard: 50 CTCSS and 104 x 2 DTCS Encode/Decode plus Tone Scan
  • DTMF Encoder - 10 DTMF Memory Channels with up to 24-digit DTMF codes
  • Optional UT-108 DTMF Decoder, provides code squelch and pager functions
  • Weather Alert Scan (U.S. version only), FM Narrow Mode Switchable (U.S. version only)
  • Backlit HM-133V Remote Control Microphone - "hot keys" (F1/F2) memorize the transceiver full settings;
  • all operating frequencies, tone setting as well as the display color, fan speed, and set mode settings are also memorized

ICOM IC-V8000 Supplied Accessories

  • HM-133V - Remote Control Microphone with keypad backlighting
  • Microphone Hanger
  • Spare Fuse, DC Power Cable, and Mobile Mounting Bracket Kit

ICOM IC-V8000 Optional Accessories

Hand Microphones

  • HM-118N - Regular Hand Microphone
  • HM-118TN/TAN - DTMF Microphone with keypad backlighting
  • HM-133V - Remote Control Microphone with keypad backlighting

Miscellaneous Accessories

  • SP-10 - Compact External Speaker
  • OPC-440 - 5m (16.4ft) Microphone Extension Cable
  • OPC-647 - 2.5m (8.2ft) Microphone Extension Cable
  • OPC-441 - 5m (16.4ft) Speaker Extension Cable
  • OPC-1132 - 3m (9.8ft) DC Power Cable
  • OPC-347 - 7m (22.9ft) DC Power Cable
  • OPC-589 - Microphone Adapter Cable, connect an 8-pin microphone
  • UT-108 - DTMF Decoder Unit - provides DTMF Decode Capability with Code Squelch and Pager Operation
  • CS-V8000 - Cloning Software
  • OPC-478 - Cloning Cable
  • OPC-474 - Transceiver to Transceiver Cloning Cable

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