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  • ICOM ID-880H VHF/UHF Dual Band Mobile Transceiver
  • D-STAR (Digital Smart Technology for Amateur Radio) - digital communication protocol
  • developed by JARL (Japan Amateur Radio League)
  • Long Distance Communications Made Easy using D-STAR Repeater and an Internet Gateway
  • Please call us at:
  • (212) 420-0500
  • for pricing and availability

One Year Warranty

  • ID-880H Supplied with: Hand Microphone, Separation Cable, DC Power Cable,
  • Microphone Hanger, Mounting Bracket Kit, and Remote Controller Bracket
  • Detachable Controller, 50 Watts Output Power both VHF/UHF
  • Compact Body with Large Display, 64x20.7mm LCD
  • Maximum 50 Channels per second High Speed Scan

IC-80AD and ID-880H Common Features

  • D-Star Digital Voice Capability
  • GPS Position Reporting
  • Wideband Receiver
  • 1052 Memory Channels
  • LCD and Keypad Backlighting
  • Built-In CTCSS/DTCS Tone Encoder and Decoder

ID-880H Supplied Accessories

  • HM-133 - Remote Control Microphone
  • OPC-1132A - 3m (9.8ft) DC Power Supply Cable

ID-880H Optional Accessories

Hand Microphones, External Speaker, Mounting Base

  • HM-103 - Lightweight Hand Microphone
  • HM-154 - Hand Microphone and Up/Down Buttons
  • HM-133 - Remote Control Microphone
  • SP-10 - Mid Sized External Speaker
  • MB-120 - Mounting Base

DC Power Supply Cables

  • OPC-1132A - 3m (9.8ft) DC Power Supply Cable
  • OPC-347- 7m (23ft) DC Power Supply Cable

Extension Cables

  • OPC-440 - 5m (16.4ft) Microphone Extension Cable
  • OPC-647 - 2.5 (8.2ft) Microphone Extension Cable
  • OPC-441 - 5m (16.4ft) Speaker Extension Cable
  • OPC-589 - Microphone Adapter Cable (connection for 8-pin microphone)

IC-80AD and ID-880H Cloning and Data Cables

  • OPC-1529R - Data Communication Cable for PC or GPS Receiver Connection (RS-232C type)
  • OPC-478 - PC Cloning Cable (RS-232C type)
  • OPC-478UC - PC Cloning Cable (USB type)
  • OPC-474 - Transceiver to Transceiver Cable (between same models only)

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